Your new year’s resolution?

Here is a Christmas inspiration for you!
I dont usually share sales screenshots to avoid bragging about it but for your inspiration, lets do it today. He is one of the European Amazon sellers accounts, take a look.
This stuff WORKs! It is working now and it will work next year. Don’t believe the haters saying “it’s too late”.  2018 is your year to start BIG with Amazon and Shopify!
The spike on the chart was the launch of the new product. Our goal is to launch at least 2-3 … Read more

Simple Steps to Effective Customer Communication This Holiday Season

Communication is the backbone of any business. Running a successful e-commerce business demands that you, the seller, is able to communicate efficiently; your product description, its merits, and even what your customer stands to lose if they fail to make that buy. But communication doesn’t stop there! It isn’t all about the product!
The customer takes the cake for the most crucial aspect of communication!
You need to get these guys to trust you, and this requires a whole new set of skills other than just yapping about your … Read more

Easy Steps to Take Advantage of the Holiday Season and Make More Money

Christmas is just around the corner; buyers are gearing up to make holiday purchases, and gifts for their loved ones. Did you prepare ahead for this season as we advised earlier??
Right now a lot of e-commerce businesses are struggling to put together marketing plans to handle 2017’s holiday sales. This last-minute scrambling is not healthy; planning for the Yuletide is something that should have been done months ago!
Okay, okay, I’m not gonna scold you too much! After all, the deed is already done, and there is no … Read more