Your new year’s resolution?

Here is a Christmas inspiration for you!

I dont usually share sales screenshots to avoid bragging about it but for your inspiration, lets do it today. He is one of the European Amazon sellers accounts, take a look.

This stuff WORKs! It is working now and it will work next year. Don’t believe the haters saying “it’s too late”.  2018 is your year to start BIG with Amazon and Shopify!
The spike on the chart was the launch of the new product. Our goal is to launch at least 2-3 new products every month next year.

What will be your new year’s resolution?​

It’s been a great year and today I would like to thank everyone, all the students of our course and wish you a successful 2018!

2017 was a great year for ecommerce but I am very excited to see what 2018 is bringing us!

More great products, more great tools and of course more sales!!!

If you are still missing out and have not started your ecommerce business I urge you to get started and stop missing the profit train!

Start following the course and I am sure you will be very successful!

​Mike and the team

​P.S yes, buy bitcoin too 😉 But wait for the price to drop first next week.


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Last Wall Comments

 Mike says at 23:12 et
Nice one Pat! Let me know when you reach 2k per day :)
 freedom says at 21:01 et
Why to go Shopify and not WooCommerce??
 Ted says at 21:01 et
Shopify Is Easier to Use, it's a turn-key solution. (hosting, ssl etc all included) + great app store to boost your sales.
WooCommerce is free opensource plugin and working with Wordpress which means you have to install and confirgure everything yourself, buy hosting, ssl separately too so there is no real saving just more headaches.
Go for shopify and jump straight into selling rather than micromanagement tech parts with WooCommerce..
 Iriness says at 21:05 et
WooCommerce looks like saving but in reality you have tons of hidden costs like domain, ssl and tons of extra hassles... Why not go easy with Shopify!
Claudia says at 21:05 et
I agree with Iriness!
 Eddy says at 21:12 et
I find it super difficult to find a local dropshipper with lower cost compared to the competitors on , I have like 4 wholesellers with different products most of them are expensier than those on amazon is it possible to find cheapers ones??
Claudia says at 21:12 et
That's why doing it on Shopify makes more sense, like the course is teaching.. So that you can mark up prices higher and no competition or related products are shown!
Also I believe it's possible to find products with better profit margins on Amazon. also remember you can still bundle it!
I think having an amazon dropship business could be helpful for a lot of ppl? but shopify is a way to go to start it. Amazon still better for FBA!
 Ray says at 21:26 et
How can i do a basic photo setup without paying too much for professional fotographer??
 Ted says at 21:26 et
a) in case of BIG products like umbrella, put 2 chairs and white sheets and take your photos, then remove background in photoshop
b) in case of small products use white BOX-setup like this
 Mister A says at 21:45 et
Any tips on choosing right product for FBA?
Claudia says at 21:45 et
Have you watched the video about the rules on choosing the product? in short, choose a small and lightweight product, not easily breakable, not a complex electronics, avoid patented stuff, price range 20-50 usd, make sure DEMAND is there and check with best seller tool!
 Highlander says at 21:46 et
What categories are best for white labelling busienss?
 lou says at 21:46 et
Sports and Outdoors, Home & Kitchen, Patio, Lawn & Garden and Pet Supplies.. Avoid Appliances, Electronics, cameras, jewerly, music and watches
 Oli says at 17:32 et
how to decide which amazon fulfillment center to ship to in the US?
 Violet says at 17:32 et
Amazon will decide when you create a shipment. sometimes it goes to all in one, sometimes you ship to separate.
Leslie says at 13:30 et
I had over eight merchant providers turn me down. For example, when you think hemp--you think...marijuana. Providers said no,no,no....Hemp is illegal, which it is not! And search Aliexpress for hemp clothing and what do you get, marijuana paraphernalia--not 100% hemp products! Hemp is just another tag for broadcloth. What I do not get is I have seen things like marijuana seed sites with a shopify or Paypal logo on their site? But.. I was denied by both of them for trying to sell anything that could be misconstrued as for vaporizers listed under Aromatherapy. Are not marijuana seeds sold for the purpose of growing an illegal plant in most states/provinces? Why the hypocrisy with merchant providers?
 Diego says at 13:31 et
You see, every provider wants to stay safe. If you are new and coming with a first product and start with something on the "edge" like marijuana-related stuff you might have trouble for sure. Start with safer products, get approved easily, then get some volume going and only when you are a trusted seller add more edgy products. Hope this helps
florea says at 05:31 et
thank you
 Mike says at 15:15 et
Another great idea what sells $100 NET? Check out here
sol says at 07:45 et
Hi guys i am new to the community i have