GPS XMAS Special: Spice up sales this season with Paint Set Products!

Merry Christmas guys!
We are in that wonderful time of the year again, and our GPS has a fresh product that will help augment your sales this season.
We are talking about The Paint Set!

This is a season of celebration and color. It is an expressive time of the year, filled with joy, color, and art.
The Paint Set allows you to tap into the creativity of the season and make some cool sales this period.
A lot of professional artists will be doing designs here and there, and now, thanks to the GPS, you can be their supplier!

The product is awesome and has a lot of surprising statistics that help us know that it is the right kind of thing to put on our shelves.
First up, we can see that the total sales volume of top 10 sellers/month: 20149! And on top that, the average top 10 sellers are selling 2239 units per month.
Without a doubt, this is something that sells! And should not be joked with.

The Garlic press smasher doesn’t just leave you with product statistic; it goes a step further by providing title and keyword suggestions.

The Yuletide is a once in a year celebration, and our GPS is giving you the chance to take advantage of this season and make some cool sales, don’t be left behind while others a cashing
in BIG, get your CUT too!

In case you feel the Paint Set isn’t for you, you can check out our other product suggestions for yourself by using our GPS right here.

Just cause it’s a holiday, doesn’t mean you have to hibernate, you can still make KILLER Sales!

Don’t be complacent!

Merry Christmas Guys!


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Last Wall Comments

 peter jr says at 22:47 et
I just got my first Shopify store installed by following your videos and now adding the essential apps to boost the sales like you suggested. Great stuff, i am super pumped to start selling!
 Cyril says at 19:39 et
Is it still ok to give away discounted coupons?
Claudia says at 19:40 et
Yes as long as you don't ask for reviews in exchange. It will still increase your sales velocity and ranks.. However maybe it makes more sense to run PPC instead of giving away your product too cheap 50-75% OFF instead of PPC? Depends on the niche..
 USA says at 21:31 et
What is amazon/shopify connection?
 lou says at 21:31 et
Maybe you mean this app? (Sell your products on Amazon using Shopify)
 Dylan says at 23:08 et
I want to get in touch with a customer that left a one star review. I've been through all the reports and cannot find them!
 Lane says at 23:09 et
Click on Orders and then click on Manage orders. if they have left their actual name, you can find them through a paid tool called 'sellermail'.
Claudia says at 23:10 et
Let go... Most likely it's your competitor, more over amazon does not allow you to ask customers to remove bad reviews directly. You can get in trouble. Nobody expects your product to ONLY have 5 start reviews, so don't worry about it. You can't please everyone. Just keep providing great service and good reviews will cover a stinker!
Claudia says at 23:10 et
You can remove however negative Seller FEEDBACK pretty easy. See our video on that.
Blaine says at 00:30 et
Hello I'm new and just trying to feel my way around
 jack says at 00:31 et
Welcome Blaine, you will love it here, we are crushing it!!! Videos are here they work fine for me, try Chrome or firefox.
Leslie says at 00:15 et
I was on shopify then left over grey areas of card merchants not wanting to support product. Months later I came back and then left after 10 days due to lack of available products in my niche. Aliexpress vendors using misleading titles or description don't help. I then tried an app to upload Amazon products as an affiliate and do a review site, but it looks gawdy compared to shopify, and I will never make money like that. Therefore, I am convinced that shopify is way better. I'll just have to find a different niche that Aliexpress or a US dropshipper can fulfill!
 jack says at 00:16 et
I think the niche finder tool and the "Most passionate niches" report will help you find the product Good luck, keep us posted on your progress.
 Tyro Meg says at 00:16 et
Shopify supports Stripe and Paypal, no grey areas there, very easy these days. Try to attach them both!
Leslie says at 13:30 et
I had over eight merchant providers turn me down. For example, when you think hemp--you think...marijuana. Providers said no,no,no....Hemp is illegal, which it is not! And search Aliexpress for hemp clothing and what do you get, marijuana paraphernalia--not 100% hemp products! Hemp is just another tag for broadcloth. What I do not get is I have seen things like marijuana seed sites with a shopify or Paypal logo on their site? But.. I was denied by both of them for trying to sell anything that could be misconstrued as for vaporizers listed under Aromatherapy. Are not marijuana seeds sold for the purpose of growing an illegal plant in most states/provinces? Why the hypocrisy with merchant providers?
 Diego says at 13:31 et
You see, every provider wants to stay safe. If you are new and coming with a first product and start with something on the "edge" like marijuana-related stuff you might have trouble for sure. Start with safer products, get approved easily, then get some volume going and only when you are a trusted seller add more edgy products. Hope this helps
Dmitriy says at 01:26 et
Hello from Russia, my name is Dmitry. I want to say, thanks, an excellent resource, sorry there is no Russian. I have two questions:
1. Can I succeed, with your help.
2. I ask you to extend up to 14 days, my free access, because I do not understand English well, I have difficulties with video courses. Thank you in advance!
Claudia says at 01:27 et
Welcome Drmitriy. You can use the transcribes of the lessons and translate them to your language
Tiabrihani says at 12:32 et
Hello everyone, I am so grateful to be a member of this program, I have just started
Claudia says at 12:32 et
You are welcome guys, glad to have you here!
Xuan says at 13:08 et
Hi I'm newbie here :)! 3 days I run camp ads fb but not effective
. I till not have first sale for me :(. I don't have direction right for me? How do you make the first sale?
 Theo says at 13:09 et
hi Xuan, it depends on many factors. what is your store? what product you sell? what ads you run? You might want to submit your project to Critics here and everyone will help brainstorming it.
Jonathan says at 05:58 et
Hello Guys, I am new here subscribed because I am planning to go to the Canton Fair this upcoming April and I want to be prepared to take advantage of this opportunity the best I can.
Claudia says at 05:59 et
Good luck Jonathan!!! Canton Fair is a way to go!