Start 2018 right. Here is how

​2018 is already here and it’s time to get back to work!

After a slow new year, the sales are back on track.

Here is a sales screenshot to motivate you get started.

859 Eur made today with 70 sales and the day is not over yet.

This is for all sceptics who say that Amazon FBA does not work and “it’s too late”.

See that peak? That was actually a new product we just launched.

So we do what we teach and keep launching new products.

I hope you too?

I am very excited to see what 2018 is bringing us!

More great products, more great tools and of course more sales!!!

If you are still missing out and have not started your ecommerce business I urge you to get started and stop missing the profit train!

Start following the course and I am sure you will be very successful!

Mike and the team

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Last Wall Comments

 ED says at 21:14 et
What do I do about state taxes? What's nexus?
 jo says at 21:15 et
You are responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax to a jurisdiction if you have established substantial presence in the state of delivery. Once established, you have created nexus. The threshold for this presence differs from state to state and a company’s presence in each state should be examined to determine if nexus has been established or not. A company clearly has nexus if there is a business location in the state/jurisdiction. Once you establish nexus, you are required to register as a retailer with each state before collecting sales tax for that state. Check more here
 mya says at 21:29 et
I am excited to start and ready to ship first product... How to print the labels??
 little_tiger says at 21:29 et
Just buy a simple Laser printer and print on the sticky paper! EASY :)
 Olga says at 21:49 et
I am on FIRE!!! I Got a BIG $1200 order (100 pieces) from a customer. do you think it's fraud? How to avoid chargeback? Shopify says LOW RISK..
 lou says at 21:49 et
Call them to confirm or better via email because if he still try to ask for chargeback you have prove. They could be resellers, distributing.. google map the location is real, ship to billing address .. use paypal protection also..
 Kettle says at 21:50 et
you are hot olga... sorry for offtopic
 JO says at 23:01 et
Thanks for the golden nuggets! Great course and community here! Love the vibe!
 Ron says at 09:15 et
where to find local suppliers?
 Aria says at 09:16 et
see resources... for example or salehooo
 Ab says at 09:31 et
Glad to see you are rocking guys!!! Just a quick one. How do I follow up the buyers without violating AMAZON TOS?
 Rob says at 09:32 et
Use feedbackgenius or sellerbacker.. After the client left positive reviews under seller feedback you automatically ask if they'd be interested in sharing their experience with the product on the product page! Works like charm.
 wing11 says at 09:33 et
Also Jump Send.. easy to automate everything with followup
Ryan says at 13:48 et
Hi Everyone, new to the wall. Excited to get going with tutorials. Off the top of the head questions; can the niche finder for Amazon be applied to Shopify when searching for competition and comparing it to demand? Regards.
 Emma says at 13:50 et
Welcome Ryan! Great to have you with us!!! Yes of course. if something sells on amazon it of course will also sell on shopify as well. The demand is universal, it's not platform specific.
 Mike says at 16:25 et
New cool video released "Exit Strategies: How to sell your business and buy other thriving businesses"
PAT says at 05:30 et
Ok I am Very new to Facebook advertising I have a couple of boosted posts getting some reactions and page likes but still very small. I signed of for many chat and it looks interesting. I seem to be missing a step. How do I get my FB followers to optin to Many Chat?
 Lucy says at 05:32 et
You can experiment with different ways... They offer Json script and several widgets that you can place to your site.
Growing community takes a lot of patience, so keep going and growing it but dont expect fast results.
 lou says at 05:33 et
To grow faster best tip is to share top shared content from other pages. Save post or video from other pages (similar topic) and repost them on your page and mini-boost. Also research top liked and top shared contnet in your niche and repost it.