The 2018 Chinese New Year: How to Survive & Thrive!

What is the Chinese New Year?
Unlike regular new year celebrations that take place at midnight between 31st and 1st of January, the Chinese do their own celebrations differently. They celebrate the New year on different dates each year because their celebration is based on a lunar calendar.
Since it is a holiday, people and business are bound to take some time off, which is a two-week duration for the holidays. So, the first step to preparing your business for this break in transmission is getting a clear idea of … Read more

E-Commerce in 2020: What to Expect??

2020 first became a buzz word, when people wanted to refer to the perfect vision (i.e., vision 20-20), it didn’t take long before the word found its way to the business world and became a symbol of clarity of vision which then became integrated into the architecture of businesses all around the world. It was used as a claim that an organization or business was well grounded and had foresight with regards to future events.
Vision 2020 is now officially accepted as a great foresighted vision! With this 2020 … Read more

New ideas what to sell?

​No doubt 2018 is a year of crypto.​ Everyone is talking Bitcoin and if you are starting a Shopify store, here is a good idea how to ride this popular topic.
Take a look what i just found (no affiliation)
This website ardson is selling the crypto currency related jewelry and it’s one of the most successful websites in this niche. … Read more