Customer Service Ideas That Will Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More!

We all know how good it feels when people treat us like we matter, that swell feeling when our messages are replied to on time, or when someone gets us a gift, it’s inherent in us, we all want to feel special. Customer service is all about making the customer feel special; it is a service that ensures your customers enjoy patronizing you, and it can go a long way in building trust and loyalty.

A lot of e-commerce sellers are thirsty of loyal and repeat customers. This thirst can easily be satiated by making sure you treat the clients you have right! But customer service techniques transcends punctual replies, there are many other things you can do to help bolster your customer’s experience when shopping from you.

Here are some awesome customer service ideas that will keep your clients coming back for more!

Offer First Service Access to New/Exclusive Products

Wanna make your customer feel special? One easy way to do this is by offering first service access to new products in your store. Before you could create a private link separate from your navigation and send it to your customers as an exclusive preview.

Make it secretive, let them know that this is a VIP exclusive for their eyes alone, before you unleash it on your store for everyone else to see. This will inspire loyalty in your customers and make them feel like a part of your business.

Sending Holiday/Birthday Cards

Holidays and birthdays are amazing moments that you can take advantage of, to show your customer that you care about them. Since most stores are busy thinking about how they can drain out all the cash from their customers, you will stand out from the competition when you send your clients, holiday or birthday cards.

A thoughtful message will keep your business fresh in their minds and you will be the first store they stop by when they want to make a purchase!

Be Interesting, Funny, and Playful

Okay, if you’re a recluse, then it isn’t going to be easy to pull this one off. But that doesn’t mean you should act like a stuck up individual in your conversations with your customer. A lot of e-commerce retail businesses have a rigid approach and reply to their customer inquiries, this is an ample opportunity for you to be different and separate yourself from the pack.

Witty responses and a well-placed joke would help lighten the mood and build trust quickly!

Loyalty Programs

This is one of the best ways to encourage repeat buyers. Utilize the marketing automation tool and install a loyalty app in your store. Reward customers who sign up for the program with discounts, coupon codes, and free gifts.

Use the program to encourage engagement and even convince your customers to help promote your brand on their various social media platforms. The loyalty program is a neat trick, but it has to be well mastered to be successful.

Fix Complaints

Solving problems can be tedious, but if it gets more money in your pockets, then what the heck are you waiting for?

Your customers must’ve had some complaints about your store because no one is perfect, but the least we can do is keep striving for perfection. You can do this by listening to your customer’s complaints/demands and making the necessary adjustments.

Although this may be stressful, it would show that you care and most importantly, that you listen to your customers.

It is important we come to terms with the immense value that customers bring to the table, they challenge you to improve, and most of all, customers are the lifeblood of any business. It is highly necessary you do not take them for granted.


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 Elena76 says at 21:19 et
I'm new here too.. Great course. Everyone talks of winning the "Buy Box".. whats a Buy Box??
 Evan says at 21:19 et
The Box that appears on the product detail part containing the "Add to cart" button.. You got to win it ;)
Or else sale goes to someone else.. If you are only seller then it wont matter. Read more
 robert says at 21:19 et
you gotta win it!
 Leo says at 21:29 et
Hi there! I'm new here and preparing to ship first set... What is the max box size I can ship to the warehouse?
 Emma says at 21:29 et
Welcome! The boxes must not exceed 25" on any side and weight limit of 50 lb
Dont put over 150 units of product in a single box!
 Caleb says at 00:54 et
Very excited to meet many of you guys at Traffic and Conversion summit in san diego!! You are crushing it!
 Samuel says at 00:55 et
TLC2017 rocks.. rian dies and perry belcher on fire. By the way Perry is also doing sourcing from CHINA! this topic is on FIRE !!! he is doing 20 million with his strategic knife sales this year and expanding.
 Ted says at 00:56 et
True, ecommerce is growing really fast. It's a golden time to start!
Leslie says at 01:27 et
Videos provide two examples of searching niche. I need more. By the time I go to camel, and best finder, and video, back and forth, i get lost. I thought I found something, all looked good, until I went to aliexpress. Price was more than amazon! That was hours of research for a dead end. Maybe I'm not doing it right.
 Father says at 01:30 et
Aliexpress price does not have to be lower than amazon.. Aliexpress is only good for Shopify Dropshipping business.

If you plan AMAZON FBA business, then check prices on Alibaba, not on amazon! hope it helps!
Leslie says at 22:56 et
Can't do FBA until business succeeds. The lower the price when buying, the better one can compete with anyone. I don't want to stock or ship, so I'll stick with the dropshipping model. I'll Keep searching I guess.The videos however are very good. Some company tried to sell me $3500 dollar CDN course on dropshipping. Was already doing what they are teaching. This is way better!
Claudia says at 22:57 et
Thank you Leslie. Don't buy into overpriced courses. All the tools you need is right here. FBA model you can also start without big investments using the "alibaba wholesale" instead of whitelabelling... One of the videos cover it.
Jan says at 22:47 et
Hey guys, thanks for the great course! Dont know how to say, but I have a strong thinking within myself, that it is too late to start. I know that this will probably be only a belief. Any ideas for helping me with this issue?
I am also looking for products but it's really hard to find something with the criterias the course is telling me.
What about you guys? Are you thinking similar or I am the only one here? :)
Claudia says at 22:51 et
hi Jan and welcome. "is it too late" is the common fear of everyone that is getting started. What you really fear is "is it too much competition? what if my product does not fit all the criteria"? The truth is, there will be never an ideal product that fits ALL criteria. Criteria is an indication for you in which direction to look, but it does not mean that you must find ideal product that fits ALL criterias at the same time. This will never be the case.

This year is amazing time to start ecommerce, because so many new tools are developed and released and with new amazon review policies it's getting harder for low quality sellers just to buy tons of 5 star reviews and flood the market like it was last year. So i think it's getting even easier for people to stand out when most of those low quality sellers are banned for incentivize reviewes.

The great place to start looking for ideas is "Niche finder tool". for example who know that baby towels or corner flags might be a great idea to sell? This will give you great ideas on how to find a product!
 casey says at 22:52 et
Great points there... is it too late to learn new languange? too late to start a business? You set your own limits. Maybe late for you, but i will start my 4th product this year and i dont look back. more business for me :)
 Mike says at 01:39 et
The right time is NOW. Amazon is BOOMING. Jeff Bezos becomes second richest person On The Forbes 400. The gold rush time is NOW.
Jan says at 00:04 et
You are all right guys. Deep inside myself I know that it could and will work. For no other reason I signed to the course! Thanks a lot for your input!
william says at 02:26 et
? I have went thew 4 of the 4 videos in Module 1, my question is should I go back and work one module and work that one before going to the next one is this how this work
 Mike says at 02:27 et
Well, it's best to finish full module so you have a big picture of tools that you can use and full understanding of the structure, and then implement it!
 Speedy says at 02:35 et
i agree with mike. but in some videos where they show specific apps, it's good to install those apps when you already have a store installed , or just re-visit the video again later! Cheerssssss
william says at 01:07 et
 Mike says at 11:35 et
Hi guys!

Great news, as you know I've been super active and super excited about the course, and today I'm glad to announce that I have added not 1, not 2 but 3 new great videos for you!

1. Exit Strategies: How to sell your business and buy other thriving businesses
This is a video showing why and how you can buy and sell the ecommerce businesses (small or big)

2. Fullproof tips how to avoid paying huge long term storage fees on Amazon FBA
THis is great to show you how to avoid pitfalls with storage fees and get rid of slow selling product!

3. Using Crowdsourcing Campaign to boost your sales and jump start your product (Case study)
I dont always win and this is a fun video showing how i failed in crowdsourcing on kickstarter but still made $10k along the way and what you can learn from my mistakes! I hope my story will give you great ideas on how to boost your sales with crowdfunding!

By the way if you enjoy our course, please let me know, I really appreciate your reviews and your comments and questions!

You joined the course on the insane low price for first early-bird 500 betatesters (you know similar courses usually charge $150-190 or more for way less content) so your early feedback is really important to me!

If you have any questions, let me know!

Sells like hot cakes guy!
 Aria says at 11:37 et
thank you mike and SLHK team ... really great quality of video and I'm glad i joined early with such a silly price. I paid $10,000 for @Amazing@ Course 3 years ago and got way less info!
 Vin says at 11:40 et
thx for update, appreciated the efforts and the community has been very helpful to me!
 Mila says at 15:54 et
love the tools and community! my second product is reaching $300 per day now! it WOKRS!!!!
wade says at 04:27 et
Hello - Brand new here - Just wondering how long it took you to reach this point ? Also congratulations on the progress... :)
Jimmy says at 03:26 et
Hi there, I am a newbie at here. May I know what is the best auto currency switcher for Shopify? Thanks.
 James.W says at 03:27 et
Welcome, there are many plugins, not sure which is best, they are pretty same!
Jimmy says at 12:15 et
Now I am using Auto Currency Switcher, thanks so much James.
Dimitrios says at 14:05 et
I know that SLHC don't prefer retail arbitrage, but does anyone knows any good site that provides good lists for arbitrage?
 Gab says at 14:05 et
what did you mean by lists
John says at 15:35 et
Hello all! My name is John and I just joined. I'm just starting out and I'll be back with questions...
 Theo says at 15:35 et
Welcome John!