Amazon FBA Pro tips – 2019 Update

Meet Steve, professional Amazon FBA seller.

You probably remember him from our old videos from China Canton Fair Trip?

This year Steve is sharing his insights on Amazon FBA

.- Does it work?

– What changed?

– Min Quantity to start?

– Main mistakes?

– Where to find suppliers and more insights from the Italian mountain in Dolomites!

Lets have a great year again!


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Last Wall Comments

 Mike says at 22:40 et
With the new Amazon policies, Amazon does not allow incentivized reviews tied to free or discounted products. However they still allow discounts coupons and people can leave the reviews as long as you never ASK THEM TO or promise discount in return for a review.. See new video we posted about AMAZON launch and getting reviews legally with Followup series and social media!
Claudia says at 07:40 et
Moreover discount sales will boost your amazon ranks a lot. It's still a great idea combining with Lightning Deals and PPC.
 peter jr says at 22:47 et
I'm new here but really LOVE the course and the all the detailed info so far!! You guys have been really helpful to me!
 Kenga says at 20:59 et
What if the customer goes directly to aliexpress and buys from it?
 Dylan says at 21:00 et
Truth is, it was not your customer on the first place. If the person savy enough to know about dropshipping and aliexpress method then he was not your customer in the first place. No point to worry about it. It's like worry about online pirates. People who always download cracked software are not your customers anyways, don't worry about them.
Target people who are not aware of dropshipping methods and you will be just fine! 99.9% of people will never bother finding alternatives and going to aliexpress is the last thing on their mind. They might go Amazon in worst place but never aliexpress..
If they go Amazon, again, they were not your customer so don't worry about them. Some people tend do buy exclusively on Amazon Prime for example.
Claudia says at 21:00 et
Another tip... if you offer some sort of exclusivity or special deal then people wont be looking much for alternatives.
I have many people ordering Dog Frisbi for example and wait 2-4 weeks just fine when they could buy it cheaper probably on amazon and get in 1 day using prime. There is room for everyone here and a huge marketplace!
 adam says at 21:13 et
My question is related to JONAS ... So how to count long term fees??
Claudia says at 21:13 et
On February 15 and August 15 of every year, FBA conducts an inventory cleanup. On these dates, inventory that has been in Amazon fulfillment centers between six and 12 months are assessed a long-term storage fee of $11.25 per cubic foot. Items that have been in fulfillment centers for 12 months or more on the inventory cleanup date are assessed a long-term storage fee of $22.50 per cubic foot. See
 Dakota says at 21:18 et
Friends... Love it here.. One question... How to calculate fees ??
Claudia says at 21:18 et
Check Amazon Marketplace Fee and Profit Calculator
Usually FBA fee is 15-30% depending on the price.. higher price less fee %
 Kettle says at 21:32 et
What shipment method is best from US to overseas for my products?
 Alice says at 21:32 et
DHL Express for all international shipments. IT's 20% more expensive than USPS but it will provide international tracking and it's much faster as well. For example $30 for 16 ounces (500 gram) in DHL to Australia.. (discounted rate) get account with them!
 Spider Fuji says at 21:39 et
Would love to hear your suggestions.. How tto optimize the shopify site for speed?
 Alice says at 21:39 et
USe the image compression app! Called IMAGE OPTIMIZED.
arthur says at 05:03 et
please someone help me with orbelo.
when i import a product with orbelo it does not recognize the collection i already have setup in shopify. therefore i cant place anything in a colections catagory in my store. thanks
 Kylie says at 05:03 et
After you import the products, you can simply edit them from Shopify itself (in the PRODUCTS section) and there you can update description, set collection etc. Also if you think it's a bug, reach Oberlo support, they are very helpful!
arthur says at 01:59 et
thx all for you help
 Mike says at 10:18 et
New video added: "Sellers Summit conference insights: How to choose the right product?" in the FBA Mastery Bonus Section. Enjoy!
 Highlander says at 10:19 et
thank you for continues support mike!
 Tyro Meg says at 16:05 et
great video, thank you for sharing!!
Juan says at 03:38 et
Hi, I've been working on setting up my shopify store, I was just wondering how many items should i have to sell before i go live.
 Mike says at 03:40 et
hi Juan. It depends a lot on your niche. There are stores with just 1 or 3 products. There are stores with thousands of products. If you sell a pill or something really unique then the less products the better. IF you sell more like everything store then the more the better.
Juan says at 15:36 et
thanks for the feedback Mike, I will be posting the site for critique soon
 Mike says at 15:38 et
yes please do so we can give more specific feedback!