The GDPR is Coming! What It Means For You And Your Business

E-commerce allows for scalability and immense growth if you play your cards right, but this growth comes with a price! As you branch out and start selling in other countries, you need to learn how business is conducted there and most importantly, you need to follow the rules.

Enter the GDPR….
What is the GDPR?
The GDPR is an acronym which stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is Europe’s data privacy law, and it has been fleshed out by the EU and will take effect soon. When signed into … Read more

Customer Service Ideas That Will Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More!

We all know how good it feels when people treat us like we matter, that swell feeling when our messages are replied to on time, or when someone gets us a gift, it’s inherent in us, we all want to feel special.

Customer service is all about making the customer feel special; it is a service that ensures your customers enjoy patronizing you, and it can go a long way in building trust and loyalty.
A lot of e-commerce sellers are thirsty of loyal and repeat customers. This thirst … Read more

5 Reasons You Haven’t Gotten Your First Sale Yet

Starting any business is not easy; starting a successful e-commerce business is no walk in the park either!

Knowledge is the key and working on the road of ignorance won’t get you very far.
The good news is that you are not alone!
We understand the rigors and mistakes a beginner can make because we used to be noobs ourselves, but we have decided to help stir you in the right direction by turning your focus to important things you should concentrate on, that will take you from ZERO … Read more

The 2018 Chinese New Year: How to Survive & Thrive!

What is the Chinese New Year?

Unlike regular new year celebrations that take place at midnight between 31st and 1st of January, the Chinese do their own celebrations differently. They celebrate the New year on different dates each year because their celebration is based on a lunar calendar.
Since it is a holiday, people and business are bound to take some time off, which is a two-week duration for the holidays. So, the first step to preparing your business for this break in transmission is getting a clear idea of … Read more

E-Commerce in 2020: What to Expect??

2020 first became a buzz word, when people wanted to refer to the perfect vision (i.e., vision 20-20), it didn’t take long before the word found its way to the business world and became a symbol of clarity of vision which then became integrated into the architecture of businesses all around the world.

It was used as a claim that an organization or business was well grounded and had foresight with regards to future events.
Vision 2020 is now officially accepted as a great foresighted vision! With this 2020 … Read more

2018 E-commerce Technological Trends That will drive your Business to Success

The e-commerce industry was founded on the backbone of technology, and keeping up with new advances is the only way to stay ahead of your competitors and remain at the top.

If you are in doubt of this, you only need to look at Amazon. Despite being one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the world, they are still looking for ways to innovate and improve on existing technology. Amazon Go store is a prime example of the exploitation of technology. It is a shopping center that aims to … Read more

Choosing the RIGHT Shipping Strategy for your Store

As some of us start to reconsider our various business strategies for the year, one area we should critically examine is our shipping process.

Unknown to most of us, we lose customers every day due to ridiculous packaging and shipping fees. A lot of customers might like your products, heck, the product’s price might even be enticing, but in the end, these would-be customers leave your store for another.
What could be the problem here? … Read more

Social Proof: A Secret Marketing Strategy to BOOST Sales in the e-commerce Industry.

Our basic human desire to fit into a group or find like minds is something that has governed human interaction, behavior, and psychology for decades.

By nature, we are all pack animals, we all want to be where we belong.
This is the primary reason why we would easily follow a friends recommendation when it comes to our decision to buy a particular product or not. Our need to fit into a group makes us vulnerable to influence from people within our group; our choices can be modified, and … Read more

Success OR Failure in 2018: The Power is in your hands!

Hello Champs!

Another New Year is upon us again; we have set goals, made promises and even the usual New Year Resolutions that nobody adheres to :).
Most of us are doing the usual stuff we do when the year is over; we are primed to repeat the same mistakes of the previous year if we are set on repeating the harmful actions we took in 2017. … Read more

Simple Steps to Effective Customer Communication This Holiday Season

Communication is the backbone of any business.

Running a successful e-commerce business demands that you, the seller, is able to communicate efficiently; your product description, its merits, and even what your customer stands to lose if they fail to make that buy. But communication doesn’t stop there! It isn’t all about the product!
The customer takes the cake for the most crucial aspect of communication!
You need to get these guys to trust you, and this requires a whole new set of skills other than just yapping about your … Read more

Easy Steps to Take Advantage of the Holiday Season and Make More Money

Christmas is just around the corner; buyers are gearing up to make holiday purchases, and gifts for their loved ones.

Did you prepare ahead for this season as we advised earlier??
Right now a lot of e-commerce businesses are struggling to put together marketing plans to handle 2017’s holiday sales. This last-minute scrambling is not healthy; planning for the Yuletide is something that should have been done months ago!
Okay, okay, I’m not gonna scold you too much! After all, the deed is already done, and there is no … Read more

How To Overcome Frustration, Redirect Your Energies And Succeed In Your Business

We get frustrated when things don’t go the way we want them to.

When we set goals and make plans, other circumstances can make us fall short of achieving our desired purpose. In business, especially the e-commerce industry, it’s pretty easy to get frustrated and tired.
Imagine working so hard on your products, including its manufacturing and shipping process, then, you only a few sales that you can count on one hand, and then to top it off, you end up getting crappy reviews from your customers! Maybe something … Read more

5 Key Components To Help You Create AMAZING Product Listings On Amazon!

Poor product listing is the bane of success on Amazon.

If you are serious about your products and you intend to turn your Amazon store into a profitable enterprise, then you must learn the science of creating great product listings. If you browse through Amazon, you will come across poorly constructed product listings; these listings are easily identified by poor descriptions, weak or poorly designed images, and spammed keywords. You can be sure that these sellers wouldn’t be making any ROCK-STAR sales on Amazon.
If you have determined that … Read more

What is Traffic and How can it affect your e-commerce business??

Traffic is a term used to describe visitors coming to a website.

To efficiently convert and make sales, a seller needs to be able to decipher and break down the incoming traffic.
This will help you to get the best out of your advertising money and launch better campaigns specific to your visitors.
You shouldn’t just aim to sell; you should try as much as possible to build great relationships with the individuals within your buying orbit. Working this way presents a lot of advantages, and understanding traffic better … Read more