Optimizing for Change: Make Your E-Commerce Business Stand Out!

In older posts, we learned about how widespread e-commerce has become.

On a global scale, it is safe to say that you can find an e-commerce startup virtually all over the world. This scary fact comes with its merits and demerits. First of all, this means that more people will be prone to patronize online stores, which translates to a wider range of potential customers for you. However, on the negative side, it then becomes fairly easy for upcoming e-commerce businesses to get stuck in the sheep zone; copying … Read more

The Perks of Having a Steady Stream of Passive Income

The words passive income is often thrown around, but most people don’t know the actually meaning and as a result of this, it is usually misconstrued for something else.

Passive income simply means a source of cash for individual requiring little or no effort.
Selling on Amazon and Shopify qualifies as passive income because with the right tools and following the correct steps, you needn’t work too much to earn money, the business can be automated bring you in cash steadily.
So why is passive income important? Here are … Read more

3 Major Global E-commerce Trends in 2017

Nobody can argue about the prevalence of the internet and how it has completely changed businesses.

E-commerce is now a norm and as internet use has become a global phenomenon, so has e-commerce.
Wise online merchants will therefore pay close attention to the trends so that they can devote their time and resources to profitable ventures.
So… what are these trends in 2017? What can you expect? Where do you think consumers are now pitching their tents? … Read more

5 key skills that will unlock the gates of success in your e-commerce business

Hello guys!

Let’s talk about success a bit today…
Because of its subjective nature, it is not easy to properly define success. However, we can simply say it is when you have accomplished goals or objectives that you have set out for yourself. To be successful in business, there are a bunch of things you need to factor in, some we have discussed extensively, but what we have full looked at is personal development; you attitude towards business.
The rules of engagement are roughly the same, whether you are … Read more

Information Overload: The Bane of the Modern Entrepreneur

Hello guys,

I’m going to be quite frank with you, getting into any business (not just e-commerce) would require knowing so much, having a strong idea of the kind of business you are getting into and all its technicalities is a must. However, in this process of accumulating the necessary information about your intended business, one can get stuck in the learning phase and not really end up doing anything.
This is the demerit of a world run by information – information overload. It is something that happens to … Read more

The Wall: A Growing online Community of Achievers

Have you checked out the Sells like hot cakes wall yet?

Some of you may have not even heard of it. Well… let’s change that… let me bring you up to speed.
The Sells like Hot Cakes wall is a community consisting of sellers, experts, novices, and professionals, in the areas of e-commerce particularly, Amazon and Shopify.
We recognize the greatness humans are capable of provided they work together. With this idea in mind, we conceived an online community that will function as a meeting point to help Amazon … Read more

Another Great Product Suggestion By Our Garlic Press Smasher!

Sells like hot cakes GPS (Garlic Press Smasher) is doing miracles…Quite literally.

Product research is no easy feat, but our amazing tool keeps on proving that it is up to the task!
Certain products are wonderful items to sell due to their demand and their high market value. Today, our Garlic Press Smasher has churned out one of such products – Men’s Cable ¼ Zip Sweater. Why is this item amazing?
Well… first off, talk about its aesthetic value. A lot of men are highly fashionable, this sweater is … Read more

Spot Trends & Patterns: Position Your e-commerce Business for Success!

Emotions drive consumer purchase habits, and market trends is the fuel to rile up the human emotion.

When a certain item is getting a lot of attention, people tend to want to know more, and then, they want to have such items or products; it is the crowd mentality and this is basic human behavior.
A good retailer would definitely consider the current trend when making a decision on the products he wants to sell. The ability to identify a consumer trend would give you an opportunity to construct … Read more

Why You Should Join The e-commerce Business Train, Its Now OR NEVER!

Fresh entrepreneurs entering the e-commerce business world would definitely find themselves in a very fascinating situation.

The unprecedented growth of the e-commerce sector cannot be ignored. In the U.S., the e-commerce industry grew by an outstanding 15.6 percent last year, comprising of 43% of all retail growth!
Consumers are going mobile like never before, and their shopping habits have followed suit. All the numbers and statistics are pointing in favorable direction of the e-commerce industry, and it is only the wise merchants that will seize this opportunity and take … Read more

Crucial FBA Product Packaging Guidelines!

Hello guys!

There are some general requirements you must adhere to when packaging your products for shipping to Amazon fulfiment centers. The following guidelines will help stir you in the right direction and avoid any issues with Amazon.
A single package must be utilized for all individual SKU items. This includes multiple set book publications. Products requiring an assembly of multiple separate pieces will not be accepted by Amazon  A single Amazon registered barcode must be placed on all products to be shipped. This barcode must be able to … Read more

Improve your product listing and rank higher with SLHC’s Listing Analyzer!

Our Listing Analyzer is a big dog! It has been configured to help you in improving your listing and as a consequence, your ranking as well.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. It is really helpful and super easy to use.
This tool has three boxes, one contains the source; which is the e-commerce business you want to deal with, usually amazon.com or amazon.co.uk, another box titled “ASIN” is where you input the ASIN number of your product, the last box is the “Main Keyword,” this is … Read more

The Main Reason Why People Never Take Action

Do you know number 1 reason most people fail in e-commerce?

It’s because they never give themselves a chance, they never get started, always procrastinating and complaining.
I get questions and complaints like “I don’t have time for this,” “How much time do I need?” Well, the truth is, if you can’t even create the time to learn, how are you supposed to build your passive income?
The beauty of Amazon and Shopify business is that once it is setup, then you are set “for life” with a steady passive … Read more

Customer Emotions & Purchase Decisions: The Business Secret Nobody Talks About

Humans are emotional creatures, and whether we care to admit it or not, our emotions hold a great sway over how we see the world, not only that, our emotions determine our decisions in life, relationships, business even down to what we chose to buy.

That’s right, contrary to popular belief, emotion guide our purchase decisions NOT logic. As a wise merchant whether online or offline, it would be of tremendous advantage to your business if you can understand human emotions and use that knowledge in the areas of … Read more