Magic mug case study?

Here is another great example of what sells well with drop shipping.

Honestly I really liked this product and even purchased it for myself. As usual I am giving you great finds that I got on facebook, I am not affiliated with any of the products I show in examples
Here is their winning ad. It’s a video FB ad, they are using “as seen on tv” approach with a lot of great scarcity special symbols like FIRE and special discount:
People are reacting well, it collected over 442 … Read more

What is Traffic and How can it affect your e-commerce business??

Traffic is a term used to describe visitors coming to a website.

To efficiently convert and make sales, a seller needs to be able to decipher and break down the incoming traffic.
This will help you to get the best out of your advertising money and launch better campaigns specific to your visitors.
You shouldn’t just aim to sell; you should try as much as possible to build great relationships with the individuals within your buying orbit. Working this way presents a lot of advantages, and understanding traffic better … Read more

3 Secret Facebook Marketing Tools That You Know Nothing About

It’s June 2017 and Facebook still remains a giant in social media, it is worth reiterating that over 1.28 billion that’s right BILLION people! make use of Facebook everyday.

No serious marketer has to be told about the implications of that figure.
Facebook recognizes the opportunity it has presented in the areas of business marketing and has incorporated several tools to help business properly utilize the website for the best results. There are several tools Facebook has in its possession that will help marketers to efficiently market their products/services and … Read more

4 Key Components For Constructing Terrific Facebook Ads!

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Another great week is upon us, lots of opportunities abound and chances at getting one step closer to our desired financial outcome. One of such opportunities to expand our e-commerce business and grow is through advertising.
What better place to advertise your business than on the world’s most popular social media – Facebook; home to over 1.8 billion subscribers… to put that in clear perspective; we are talking about 1.8 billion opportunities. Get the drift? If your run a well thought out Facebook advertisement campaign, your success … Read more

Don’t Underestimate Facebook ads: Here is why!

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Today, let’s talk about Facebook advertising. Facebook is arguably the largest and fastest growing social media network out there, with a whopping figure of 1.39 billion active users every month. This looks like a business opportunity ripe for the taking. Unfortunately, a lot of Amazon and Shopify newbies actually have no idea about this gold mine sitting right under their nose. Others who feel they’re experts simply ignore the potential here and perhaps have grown complacent and are satisfied … Read more

We are regular sellers who have launched our shops in different niches from scratch, and you can do it too

Remember, our goal is simple – for each store to reach $45,000 per month.

No, we don’t strive for a million dollars; we are down to earth and we believe that $45,000 per month is a good start. If this number sounds good to you, we are a great fit. If you are one of those people who plans to get rich overnight doing nothing, please don’t bother joining. We don’t have time to “coach your success” or give you magic tool that will provide you with “push button … Read more