Tip of the month

Hi champions!

How is your summer going? I hope your sales are strong and you had a great Prime day!
Prime Day is a one-day only global shopping event exclusively for Prime members. Amazon relies on Prime membership to grow sales … Read more

You are invited!

I have awesome news! Over the last years I have been receiving a lot of requests and questions from you guys on how to create marketing that works and sells!?

There is plenty information online however it’s really hard to navigate through the fluff and filler of so called “internet marketers”. Most of the tips and tricks they use are very outdated as well and don’t work in 2018!
That’s why I decided to create this new course on how to create video marketing that works and sells. Just 2 … Read more

A new case study – “This will be banned in Europe!”

Here is another interesting product i found for you to make a new case study

Take a look. Here is their FB promo, basically it’s a small camera similar to gopro but it’s very cheap
​ I don’t know how small 10 bucks camera can “stop the theft” but their AD is very very effective playing on scarcity. They even put this questionable like “Buy it before it gets banned in Europe” which works really well. Of course nobody will ever ban this cheap mini camera.
In general it’s a … Read more

New ideas what to sell?

​No doubt 2018 is a year of crypto.​ Everyone is talking Bitcoin and if you are starting a Shopify store, here is a good idea how to ride this popular topic.

Take a look what i just found (no affiliation)
This website ardson is selling the crypto currency related jewelry and it’s one of the most successful websites in this niche. … Read more

The Competitor Spy Tool: Your Handy Espionage Buddy!

Espionage tactics do not only apply to real life adversaries and wars, turns out that spying is also a common theme in the e-commerce business world.

Now, when we talk about the word “spy” people often have a negative connotation attached to it. However, the truth is, if you aren’t doing it, then it is being done to you.
As the world of business evolves, so do strategies, techniques, and tactics. It is imperative that you position yourself in an area where you are ready for anything. What better … Read more

Never Settle For Less: Why You Need To Get Rid Of Mental Blocks And Pursue Your Goals

Without a doubt, the human mind is capable of unlimited possibilities.

The question we should be asking is, are we using our mind to the fullest? Fear, mental blocks, and restraints only serve to dampen our mental powers and imagination. Thus, our physical output is limited as well.
Successful people have one thing in common; the right mental attitude! If you examine any successful person, you will notice that they always expect a positive outcome when embarking on any endeavor. Whenever you put yourself in this positive mental frame, … Read more

Satisfying The Customer: The Ultimate Secret to E-commerce Business Success!

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and the smart entrepreneur is apt to keep his customers in a loop of good experiences, making them come back for more again and again!

E-commerce business is no exception. Customers always come first, and satisfying them should be your top most priority. There are many factors that determine how successful a business will be, but the customer factor is usually the most crucial in determining profitability.
So it’s about time you focus on your customers and ensure you are providing the best … Read more

Running Successful Special Sales: How to make BIG TIME BUCKS on Christmas!

August is here and it’s time to check on your progress!

I know some of you did take action and I saw some submissions in the Critics section of Sells like hot cakes members area, so if you have not submitted there – I urge you to do it! “Critics” is a great way to get your progress reviewed by me and the community of experts which can give you valuable insights! If you are very secretive you can submit anonymously as well.
Tip of the month:
Christmas is … Read more

SLHC’s Brand Name Generator: Brand Naming Has Never Been This EASY!

All brands are “brandless” without a name.

Putting a name on your business will give you an identity, something your customers will remember whenever they think about your product.
With this in mind, it is only ideal that you pick a great name that will encompass the characteristics mentioned above. This process of naming your business and giving it an identity often gives many entrepreneurs headaches.
This doesn’t have to be you anymore, sit tight, remain calm and with a few clicks of your mouse button, you can have … Read more

Sellers Summit conference insights

Super exciting news guys! I just came from the Sellers Summit conference in Miami, it’s the biggest Amazon seller conference in USA organized by Steve Chou

​ ​I had a unique chance to see in person and to talk and listen to the industry leaders such as Greg Mercer (the creator of Jungle Scout), Scott Voelker (the creator of The amazing seller podcast) and of course Manuel Becvar, the creator of ImportDojo and Number 1 Best selling Amazon Course on Udemy.
I had also a chance to talk to … Read more

The Garlic Press Smasher’s Amazing Product Ideas

Sells Like Hot Cakes garlic press smasher is a wonderful tool that keeps helping merchants on Amazon pick great marketable products.

Don’t be left out! Today, the Garlic press smasher has turned up one of such amazing products – Nonstick Rib Rack.
What makes this product so special? Well first of all for those who don’t know what a rib rack is, it is simply a device that helps double the amount of ribs you can cook in a limited grill space. Doesn’t seem like something popular eh? Wrong! … Read more